Sound & Media Solutions

Proper sound, music and media solutions can solve work flow professional-soundproblems, provide a safe working environment, enhance your ability to present and communicate, while creating a perception of professionalism for your customers and employees.

1st Choice Lock and Security Sound and Media Solutions department will develop a professional solution that gives you all this.

We’ve designed solutions for businesses large and small and are experienced with every type; from small boutique retail to large businesses, industrial plants, government institutions, health care facilities and more.


  • Music and Messages on Hold

    Messages/Music On-Hold Give your brand a voice and deliver important messages about your business to a captive audience with Mood…


  • Voice Messaging In-Store

    Voice In-Store Messaging Voice In-Store messaging is a great way to assist your customers in making buying decisions. Voice In-Store…


  • Sound Masking

    Sound Masking For more privacy in your office areas. Many offices today have an open setup that makes privacy hard…