Business Fire Alarm Systems

firealarmsystemsFire Alarm Systems

As an authorized distributor since our opening, we are a leader in fire alarm installations and monitoring in our area. Regardless of the size of your business, a fire alarm system of some size should be considered. Whether you have an existing location, or are building a new facility, we can design a system using wireless or hardwired devices. We have certified technicians trained in the field of fire alarm systems; and have access to certified fire systems designers and CAD operators.

No Extra Phone Line For Fire? No Problem

You don’t need an extra phone line for monitoring your fire system. We offer an approved, reliable source of communication as an alternative to adding an additional landline. Our back-up system meets the secondary line requirements for commercial fire.
Now you can have a reliable back-up system in place to monitor your fire alarm system for the same or less money than the phone company charges for additional telephone lines.


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