Communication Options

1st Choice Lock and Security uses a long range wireless mesh network with wireless radio technology to transmit alarm signals. What this means to you is that there is no need for a phone line and it provides double redundancy. You will be i_3G3070directly connected to our Monitoring Response Center with our network, even if there is a power failure. We receive a reliable signal by way of a rechargeable power source. This is more reliable than the traditional means of communication.


Cellular Communication

If you have, or plan to remove your landline, you can still have your system monitored by our Monitoring Response Center via a cellular system. The cellular technology can act as a backup to your existing phone line or as the primary means of communication for monitoring. You can have your system monitored for the same or less than the phone company will charge you for a phone line and not worry about phone lines being tampered.

If your home or business is monitored by us, you understand the importance of your phone line. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an alternative to the traditional landline as a way to communicate. VoIP provides phone service over the Internet or through your cable company instead of through the traditional means with your telephone company. If you are switching to VoIP, please remember to call us ahead of time. We will work with your VoIP provider to make sure your security/life safety system is working properly with your new VoIP system.


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