Enviromental Detection

waterdetectionEnvironmental Detection
Today’s security systems can do so much more than deter burglars and detect fires, they can help keep your home’s environment safe. We have devices that can help protect your house against environmental hazards.

Low Temperature Monitoring. Living in the climate that we do, it is important to have protection against the damage that frozen pipes can inflict on your home. Here’s how it works: A low temperature sensor is hooked to your security system, if the temperature in your home drops too low, a signal is sent to our Monitoring Response Center. We then notify you or your key holders so the problem is addressed before the pipes freeze.

Water Detection. We can monitor for unwanted water in your home with a water bug sensor. The sensor is strategically placed on the wall near the floor in areas where water may be a concern, commonly in basements or laundry rooms. If water hits the detector, we will receive a signal and will notify you so you can get home to assess the situation.


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