Intruder Alarm System

burglaralarmBurglar Alarm Systems

Let us help you manage the security of your business. A 1st Choice Lock and Security system is technologically advanced, customizable and flexible. Whether you are building new, or already have a facility, security options are available to you.


Burglar Detection and More

Security systems today are designed to do much more than deter burglars. Now, each employee can have their own unique disarming code that the master user can add and remove as needed. When your system is monitored by our Monitoring Response Center, you have an opportunity to receive opening and closing reports which allow you to keep track of who armed and disarmed the system and at what time. We can even call to notify you if your business has not been opened and closed by specified times.

Connect 24 Interactive Platform

Connect 24 Interactive is a hosted server solution that allows dealers to offer customers notification of events via voice, Email, and/or SMS with video. It also gives them the ability to manage their own account and integrate video security with live and archived video enabling them to see the benefits of event and alarm notification outside of traditional security monitoring.

Communication Options

In today’s world, some businesses have no landline or would like a reliable back-up to their landline. We recognize that and have plenty of dependable solutions for you.

Back-up Communication

Back-up communication provides an additional layer of protection. Incidents do occur, due to weather, construction, and other unknown threats. Phone lines do go down or can be cut. The back-up unit immediately sends a signal to the Monitoring Response Center indicating the line has gone down, and we immediately notify you or a key holder.

No Phone Line? No Problem

Some businesses, such as storage areas or remote offices have no phone line but still need security. We offer a reliable source of communication alternative to your landline. You can have a reliable communication system in place to monitor your security system for the same or less than the phone company will charge you for an additional telephone line.


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