Intrusion Alarm Systems

Intrusion Systems

Reliable home security is available for homes old and new thanks to reliable wireless technology. Different levels of security features are available including motion detectors, glass break sensors, and door/window contact sensors. Our systems are filled with user friendly features.




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1st Choice Lock and Security Remote Services

Get yourself connected to your home while you are away with a System from 1st Choice Lock and Secuirty. With 1st Choice you can set up notifications for non-alarm events around your house. Get an automatic text message or email when your children get home from school. Know instantly if off-limits areas like liquor or gun cabinets have been accessed.
Back-up Communication Protection

A back-up system provides an additional layer of protection. Construction, unpredictable weather, and other threats can compromise your safety. Therefore, a back-up system is a responsible consideration. If your phone line fails, the unit will immediately send a signal to our Monitoring Response Center indicating line failure. We then notify you and act accordingly.
No Phone Line? No Problem.

Today it is common to find homes with no landline. How will your security system be monitored without a phone line? Easy, with a back-up communication system installed at your home for your security system. You can have your system monitored for the same or less than the phone company will charge you for a landline.


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