Paging Systems & Intercoms

We offer complete solutions for your paging, intercom and emergency notification needs. We work with educational, healthcare, industrial, manufacturing, and government markets.

  • Ability to distribute tintercomsones throughout the facility (breaktime, class time)
  • Ability to distribute emergency tones throughout the facility.
  • Communication with phones and/or call-in switches.
  • Facility-wide all-call or zone-call capabilities.
  • Facility intercom system for individual, area or system-wide communication.
  • Master clock synchronization to secondary clocks.
  • Music distribution via facility speakers (system-wide or zoned).
  • Security intercom stations at strategic locations (entrances, gates, etc.).
  • Security intercom stations with door control capabilities.

Emergency Alert System

Our emergency alert system will notify you of a pending emergency, be it a tornado, severe winter weather or a local chemical spill. The system will alert you and will not stop the announcement until verification of receipt of message is received. Given proper warning, you can effectively activate your emergency plan which may result in saved lives.


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